A groundbreaking solution with the ability to address all the remaining issues in current catch basins, aiming to contribute to building a healthy urban environment and safeguarding the health of the population.

SiGen is a science and technology enterprise with a mission to address sustainable development goals through the innovation and application of technologies that are flexible and suitable for local conditions.

Environment Protection

Prevent solid waste from causing drainage blockages effectively and minimize unpleasant odors.

Health Protection

Completely eliminate the breeding environment of mosquitoes and other insects that can potentially cause diseases.

Wide applicability

Suitable for all urban drainage systems in Vietnam.

Cost Reduction

Reduce installation, maintenance, and dredging costs by 50% compared to existing products.

Solution Introduction


Thanks to the exclusive dry odor prevention mechanism, SiGen’s Mosquito-free Odorless Catch Basin completely eliminates the drawbacks of existing solutions on the market while offering numerous economic, health, and environmental benefits.

Implementation results

Thanks to its tangible benefits for the urban environment, an increasing number of transportation infrastructure projects and residential areas have adopted SiGen’s Mosquito-free Odorless Catch Basins. Since 2020, more than 3.500 products have been installed in many provinces in Vietnam.


Since its introduction to the market from 2020 until now, SiGen’s Mosquito-free Odorless Catch Basin has been consistently well-received by customers, thanks to its outstanding benefits for both customers and society.


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Green Innovation Fellowship 2023


Blue Venture 2019

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Asia Smart City Award (Hong Kong) 2020


Ba Ria - Vung Tau Innovative Technology Competition

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Start-up Wheel 2020


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