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Many mistakenly believe that latest technologies are only for big corporations with big budgets. However, the truth is other wise. New technologies help small business to level the playing fields with bigger ones and overcome the disadvantages of budget, human resources and facilities. The best (and most expensive) technology is not always the right one for you. We help you implement a new set of digital tools to boost your competitive advantages right away at an affordable cost. Our work also includes a strategy to transform your traditional business to a digitally-empowered one.

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why digital transformation ?

Know your customers

Intelligently storing, organising and analysing customer data unlock trends and customer insights. This helps better understand your customer and their needs, you can create a business strategy that is even more customer-centric.

Be there when they need you

Nowadays customers have a very high expectation on how fast your response is when they need you. They can immediately talk to your competitors via many online channels if their patient runs out. Digital means such as website, social media and email campaigns not only help your information be more readily available to assist your customers’ decision making journey but also significantly shortern your response time with a variety of automated assistance. Especially, they make a purchase completely without your assistance via your e-commerce or service booking website.

Personalised offerings

Analysis of historical data stored on your system will help you know which products or promotion programs work best for different industries, customer segments and seasons. You can also mix and match different features and promotions with ease to make customers feel special and well taken care of.

More benefits for less cost

Enable you to create a host of new benefits for your customers with virtually zero setup or maintenance costs such as discount codes to cross-sell or up-sell, digital content, priority service booking, QR codes for immersive contents of your products, interactive virtual reality or augmented reality.

For your product and service excellence

Digital transformation enhances customer satisfaction by delivering a more seamless, fast and intuitive experiences for your customers 

Significantly reduce your operational costs

Beside helping increase your revenue via getting you more customers and revenue, digital transformation also significantly reduces your costs to give you even more profit.  

Reduce human workload

Automating repetitive tasks such as looking up customer information, preparing quotations, handle purchase transactions, checking inventories and reporting will leave your staff much more time on creative tasks that enhance . As a result, you earn more paying the same salary and your staff can enjoy doing less.

informed decision making

You no longer need to request your staff for reporting as all your reports are automatically generated for you in real-time on a single dashboard. You don’t even need to be in the office so that you can spend time on else where that bring you more money as all the data about your customers, what your staff are doing are pulled to your phone.

Reduce costs for fixed facilities

Lower number of employees reduces the need for renting a bigger office. Better demand forecast and inventory management reduces the need for warehousing. Popular online presence reduces the need for paid ads. Digitalised products and services reduce maintenance costs.


Your revenue gateway

Website design

Most customers visit your website before making a purchase. Once people find you online, become interested, they’ll contact you giving you the sale opportunity. The lack of website make people question the legitimacy of your business. A good website makes a great first impression, showcases your best, gives people comfort that you’re a real business and decide to buy your products and services. You don’t need an expensive fully-fledged website to start with, we build what your current scale of your business demand with capability to expand as you grow.

Looking for special features for your website ?

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Service booking management

Enable your customers to make a booking right on your website in seconds, forget the lengthy call or back-and-forth emails. The system also supports managing walk-in customers. 

membership management

Enable your customers to select and pay for membership securely via credit cards or digital wallet. Control who sees your content, sell online courses and digital downloads.

search engine optimisation (SEO)

Through SEO, your content becomes more likely to appear to users first when they search for relevant keywords, thus brings you organic traffic while reduces the need for paid ads. 


Highlights and showcases in details of your best work along with achievements. Visitors can browse and filter through your previous work and be conviced by your quality.

affiliate link and link shorterner

Assign a unique URL to a specific affiliate channel so that you can see how much traffic you get from each channel to manage your affiliate marketing strategy.

crm integration

Transfer visitors’ interactions on your website to your Customer Relationship Management system so that your team will handle effectively and convert them to successful deals.

digital content sale

Digital content can be created once and sold repeatedly to different customers without having to replenish inventory or effort to maintain.


Help you expand your reach and make contact with a much wider audience. The multilingual feature enables many translators working on your website simulatenously.

 Customer service excellence

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A CRM can sort, analyze, and prioritize your sales leads so that you can focus on the opportunities that are likely to close and provide accurate answers to customers — quickly and efficiently — and your customer service team has the information they need for upselling and cross-selling. You will also have a full visibility of all sale team’s activites for easy management. As a result, you will have achieve more sales and higher customer retention rate. 

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