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QUICKSTART your business.

The shortcut to turn your idea into reality.

You have a birillant idea ! But you find turining idea into a business a daunting task and time consuming task ?.

Our business setup service propels your journey by combining versatile business frameworks with a variety of user-friendly technologies so that you can start faster at a minimal budget, offer better customer experience and enhance your revenue stream.


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Small business focus

Make the best use of the advantages of small businesses in flexibility, speed, creativity and excellent customer care to stack the odds in your favor.

Streamlined process

Our lean process helps address your specific issues without unneccessary steps so that you can take actions towards your goal immediately. No business or technology background required.

Result oriented

Visualise vividly the roadmap and how the outcome looks like to embark on your business transformation journey with great confidence and preparation.

Budget friendly

Each of our solutions is tailored to early stage of business development which doesn’t require big investment while deliver immediate competitve advantages.

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24-hour strategy

No matter how great you think your product is, the market is your ultimate test. We help you to design a lean business model with a minimal budget within 24-hour to kick start your business right away. A successful venture may take a few tries. Even if your first attempt is not a success, you still have a lot saved for the next round.

Operational STRATEGY design

Not every activities and features count to your customer satisfaction. We help build and optimise your business strategy so that you can focus all your best on the things that matter.

Financial planning

Enhance profiability, avoid blindspots that may cost you an arm and a leg and be prepared for a changing business environment with a financial plan. We also help you visualise impact of different business decisions on your financial health with scenario analysis.

Implementation plan

A good action plan gives you a framework to build your startup efficiently instead of working on spontaneous ideas that may not contribute to your grand scheme. It keeps you finish activities in a sensible order, and ensure that you don’t miss any key steps.


Digital transformation

The best (and most expensive) technology is not always the right one for your business. We help you implement a new set of digital tools to boost your competitive advantages right away at an affordable cost. Our work also includes a strategy to transform your traditional business to a digitally-empowered one.


Get the world know about your great product with a 24/7 presence. A website that sells your product is not only the destination of all your marketing strategies but also a web app that can supercharge your business with advanced features such as membership management, service booking, learning management, e-commerce. Even if you haven’t launched your new product, a convicing landing page is a great tool to test demand.

customer relationship management (CRM)

By intelligently storing and managing your customers’ information, your team can support your customers faster and in a more professional fashion. As a result, CRM will help your team gets more lead, increase the chance of successful deals and enhance customers’ satisfaction.

project management

Starting up a business is usually an overwhelming project with a lot of tasks which require cross-functional collaboration. Implementing a right project management software will help simplify the process, increase team productivity, boost the sense of achievement and minimise unhealthy conflicts.

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