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QUICKSTART your business

  • You have an idea for a world-changing product but aren’t sure how to build a business around it ?
  • You struggles to create a revenue stream and scale up ?
  • You want to turn your hobby husltle into a fully-fledged venture that will help you build the life you deserve?

from start to up 

Strategy for startups and small businesses.

Starting a business without a business plan is like building a house without a blueprint. Yet, unlike a house, a business isn’t static, as the business develops, so should its business plan. As you have to spend time on different aspects of your business, spending time to keep changing a 20-page business plan is luxurious.

We help you implement new hand-on framworks to build your business plan in the matter of hours and easily adjust it as your idea evolves so that you can reallocate more of your time to many imporatant matters.  


Idea conceptualisation

Not every activities and features count to your customer satisfaction. We help build and optimise your business strategy so that you can focus all your best on the things that matter.


Financial planning

Enhance profiability, avoid blindspots that may cost you an arm and a leg and be prepared for a changing business environment with a financial plan. We also help you visualise impact of different business decisions on your financial health with scenario analysis.


Action plan

A good action plan gives you a framework to build your startup efficiently instead of working on spontaneous ideas that may not contribute to your grand scheme. It keeps you finish activities in a sensible order, and ensure that you don’t miss any key steps.

do more with less 

Digitally empowered business 

We also help integrate newest technologies into your strategy so that you can leverage the best of the digital age to be more empowered, leaner, faster and more versatile.

Competiting with giants is tough. We have a selection of digital technologies that are powerful and affordable which get you on the same level with your bigger competitors.

More likely to start business

A proper strategy boosts your confidence and help you overcome hesistation with a crystal clear vision of how to capture opportunities and overcome challenges that many find impossible.


Faster in growth

Anticipating foreseeable challenges, preparing well for them and having all tools required to capture opportunities save you a lot of time and money which will be invested in your key competitive advantages to excel.

More likely to achive viability

Early days of a new business are tough. However, good planning helps your business survive infancy by focusing your best in doing things that matters and prepare well for challenges to come.

More likely to acquire external finances

A presentation may pique interest of investors or banks, but they’ll need a well-written document they can study before they’ll be prepared to make any investment commitment.​​​

Why strategy matters 

Financial planning

When being in the thick of running a business, you may lose sight of the long term goals that ensure proper growth.  A good financial plan helps you identify good decisions from the bad and see how they affect your financial outcome. This will help you better allocate funds to the areas that are making the most money, and avoid expenditures that didn’t yield enough results.

No financial or accounting background required.

Not many entrepreneurs start with a financial background. Although managing cashflow is vital to your business survival, you just don’t have enough time to master all the numbers. We provide an automated template and guide you through the process to ger you the first financial plan in matter of hours. 

Understand impact of product design 

The choices of key features greatly influence how much it costs to produce, how many units you can sell and how pricing options are available. A poor decision may end up as an outstanding product but negative financial outcome. Understanding the dynamics helps identify the most optimal overall strategies.

Cost reduction

When it comes to ‘finance’ people often think about ‘money’. However, it’s not always the case. Planning will help you find creative strategies to source what you need with less cash, at the same time focus your resources on the activities that matter most.

Identify vulnerabilities and manage crisis

Businesses often operate in an ever changing competitive environment. While it’s impossible to know how tomorrow will be, it’s possible to know how each possibility affect on your business. The analysis helps you identify your vulnerabilities in each scenario so you can come up with crisis management plans to venture into the unknown with confidence.

Timely strategy adjustment

Putting your goals in numbers will help you do a quick healthcheck on your business on a regular basis. You can immediately be alerted when things don’t go according to plan so you can adjust your business toward the long term goals.

Enhance communications

Numbers don’t come from thin air. They reflect each and every of your business decisions do that you can communicate with your business parners and investors with confidence and clarity. The enhanced internal cooperation and help prospective partners know the potentials of your business. 


Our Clients

Survival Skills Vietnam Social Enterprise

Turned a not-for-profit project into the fastest growing, digitally empowered social enterprise that save thousands of people in Vietnam via fitst aid education on larger scale.

Western Australia - Vietnam Business Council

Boost the number of members, greater member benefits and more business matching between Western Australia and Vietnam via upgrading its website facilities.


Restructured products offering and revenue stream so that side services generated revenue streams to fund major R&D projects. The projects have become 20 patents which were successfully commercialised.

Pho Ben Doi

Financial consultation to setup a financial perfomance system and restructure art service portfolio to balance short-term and long-term revenue and cost streams.

Royal Nails Orminage

Help an immigrant business owner to acquire and setup a nail spa in Sweden. The project involved upgrading its branding, website to offer a better customer experience.

Japan Desk Ba Ria - Vung Tau

Helped the government-based office to build new marketing and operation strategies to attract Japanese investors in heavy manufacturing industry to the city.

Phu My 3 Specialised Industrial Park

Upgraded its marketing materials such as 3D-visualisation, promotion videos and website with limited time and human resources during setup stage.

Future Eyes

Assist conceptualisation and commercialisation of an early stage Virtual Reality startup project.